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"And that was the last of what has happened today."
Heinz Doofenshmirtz was typing away all the latest gossip around town in his evil blog, as usual. After realizing that it's too late in the night, he turned off the computer, yawned, and wandered off to sleep. While sleeping, he dreamed of what he wanted to do all his life. Taking over the Tri-State Area. It made him sleep easily and calmed him.
After 15 minutes of peaceful dreaming, he woke up with a sudden CRASH! The moment he woke up, he could not see anything because the vision was blurry, which looked like a brown smudge with a large cream dot on a wall. He rubbed his eyes and what did he find? An ugly-looking woman that looked just like him!
"Hey! What are you doing here?" asked Doofenshmirtz.
I am the witch of the Tri-State Area. You must follow my instructions or something bad will happen to you," replied the ugly-looking woman.
"Pffft! I thought it was the witch that appeared in "Wizard of Odd". He looked just like me. But never mind, what do I need to do?" He took out a notepad.
"You have to go into the Dark Forest, battling bats and scary-looking trees. When you successfully got away from them, you will encounter a weird, huge monster. Defeat him by following him to a pit of lava. There, it lies a treasure waiting for you."
"Nah! I know that you're making up stories. Get away from here!"
"It is real!"
"Even if it's real, I'll not go and find some treasure, even if I'm hungry for money, which I'm not because I don't do crime and make inators, hee hee. Still!"
"Want to know your penalty?"
"Yes… hope it's not scary."
"Well, you have to retrieve the treasure by the next sunrise. Failure to do so," the witch then slides a finger across her throat, "this."
Doof panics. "No! Not death! I don't want to die! I promise to take care of my daughter Vanessa and pay her education fees and spend time with her more than fighting Perry the Platypus and- AHHHH!!!" He falls onto the ground.
"NO! It's not a brutal one! You will turn into ashes and they will be gone with the wind!"
"Like a vampire? Oh boy, I should watch more Phineas and Ferb episodes than ever after this story ends."
"Good luck with your journey! Ha ha ha ha!"
The witch turns into a cloud of dust with a POOF! sound at the end. Seconds after she was gone, up stands Doof. He still panics.
"Turn into ashes? That is terrible! I must follow that ugly witch's instructions than do nothing and turn into something non-living!"
He quickly gets all the supplies he needed to survive this enduring journey: water bottles (as usual), a small hand fan in which its cloth has torn away, a gun (I thought guns were not allowed in this show, so I put plungers in place of bullets), a rope, and a picture of him with his daughter. As he stepped out of his apartment door, a blue light in which there was no top transported him to the forest.

The very next moment, Doof found out there was no way out of this place after starting it. "Whoa, I thought I was supposed to take a bus to this haunted place. But anyway, there is no bus route to this place," he said to himself. "At least this looks exciting."
He takes out a camera and begins to take pictures of this forest. "I'll send this to Vanessa, so she'll know the adventure I'm going to have today!" Suddenly the camera was stolen by a bat. But not just any kind of bat. A bat that when you look into its eyes, you'll be blind in ten seconds flat. "Hey! Get back here with my precious camera!" Doof shouted. He started chasing the bat, not realizing he was also followed by a group of another bats. It was the start of a wild goose chase.
He tried to capture the bat by setting a trap in which if the bat touches the rope to activate it, it will be caught. It was successful, but he nearly blinded himself, causing the camera to fall onto the muddy ground, causing the camera to be neutralized.
"Curse you, blind bat!" Doof shouted to the bat. "Oh, this is such a bad day. I lost my camera for good. I should have ignored that silly old witch, but me turning into ashes? Never!" And he continued on his journey.

A few hours later, he encountered a strange monster lurking in the darkness. A very unusual monster that is. It had…
"…the face of a wolf," Doof starts to describe the monster, "the eyes and the mouth of a platypus, which reminds me, the body of an elephant, the tail of a monkey, the legs of a lion,…" the weird monster growls, "…and growls like a bear? You know the platypus part reminds me of Perry the Platypus-- I'm starting to have second thoughts about this adventure… AHHH!!!" He screamed so loud that the whole universe can hear his voice, and started running around like a crazy person who ate drugs just three hours ago. The monster just followed him. It did not stop for anything, not even a drink.
"Wait, that was why I brought the gun! To shoot plungers at the monster!" Doof thought to himself.
He started shooting plungers at the monster, shooting every single plunger there was inside the gun. After the gun was empty-loaded, thr monster just stood there. It did not do anything. It did not move a single muscle. The forest suddenly became silent, with only the owls hooting and the crickets chirping.
"Wow, those plungers did help me stop that monster." And he started running again.

Moments later, he heard thumping footsteps. He turned (pause for effect), and saw the monster running again! "Ahh! How did it rise up from the dead? Oh, I forgot. They're plungers, not bullets. No guns in this cartoon, I guess." He kept running, and stopped at a group of trees blocking his way.
He used the small fan to sweep away the thorns on the vines supporting the trees. But he acted very fast as the monster was also behind him, hungry for people stuck in the forest like him. After thirty minutes of brushing past the thorny vines, he looked back at the forest and- gone. Gone was the strange monster.
"Yes! I got rid of the monster." He started dancing around. "Now no one will stop me from getting that treasure." He quickly ran to the lava pit, not noticing the sign at the entrance that says, "CAUTION - ONE TOUCH OF LAVA AND DEAD IN A

"If there's no one to stop me, then-- whoa. What a huge pit that is. And I have to cross this deadly pit to get the treasure?! Oh no. I don't want to cross. No no, I can do this. I can't do this! I wish Perry the Platypus was here! But I have a rope. I can do this."
As he was about to throw the rope, something growled behind him. "The monster! I thought the thorns killed you-- oh you're so strong! But you can't defeat me!" He then realized that he was standing at the edge of the rock. The monster slowly walked towards Doof.
This was the end of the line for him. Either jump or fall, or stay and get eaten. Sweat started to drop. He couldn't decide! The monster was about to leap toward him. But he thought carefully, finally concluding that he'll jump into the pit, as getting eaten alive is too gruesome. He jumped, thinking about his life, his family, Perry the Platypus, and how he would miss them. But luckily, he suddenly woke up.
"Whew, it was just a dream," he said to himself. "That witch was a real jerk. Talking about treasure. I nearly died, thinking all if that happened in real life! Now I just need to do what I do every day."
He got up from his bed, and as he was walking out of his room, he suddenly turned into ashes! And you can't guess what happened next!
My entry for the Fiendish Fan Fiction Contest. I'm not a good writer, but I've learned narrative writing back in elementary, and my parents say, "Hey! Do some creative writing!" and stuff like that. I do narrative writing, but limited to fan fiction. Anyway, the word count? 1/3 of the maximum word count. I also found out that there are some fragments in the story. Nah!
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